Nice to meet you!

I'm Cole. I develop software for a living, and I also do it for fun in my free time. I write here about my personal projects, as well as creating tutorials to share the things I've learned.


  • Introducing Bludgeon

    Earlier this year, the Iowa City Game Dev group that I’m a part of hosted a month-long game jam, with the theme being “sports which could never exist”. I participated in the game jam and made a game called Bludgeon. It’s a local multiplayer game featuring two knights riding birds while wielding flails. The goal is to knock the other player into the spikes on the edge of the screen. Survival is made more difficult by the fact that you can’t control the direction your player is moving while using your weapon. Here’s a video (of me vs. the AI player) from the game jam version of the game:

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  • Hello, World!

    Hi, everyone! So I finally did it. I created a blog. I’ve never really aspired to become a blogger, but recently I’ve been considering it more and more. I finally decided to commit to it, give it a try, and see how it goes. Hopefully it works out well.

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